This e-book is the third in a series of guidebooks that provide in-depth reviews of focused topics relevant to the protein industry's growth, development and profitability. Available in an easy-to-use e-book format, THE MEAT PROCESSOR'S JOURNAL gives processing executives, plant managers and R&D personnel insights into the emerging science, methods, and trends pertinent to specific meat and/or poultry-processing topics. This content-rich, interactive e-book contains video and detailed graphics in a package that can be downloaded to e-reader of your choice. You can access this valuable information – wherever you are – in the format you prefer. (The material is also available as a downloadable PDF. See download instructions below.)

Volume 3 FRESH SAUSAGE PRODUCTION is the third edition of THE MEAT PROCESSOR'S JOURNAL and follows Volume 2 DRY AND SEMI-DRY SAUSAGE PRODUCTION and Volume 1 WHOLE MUSCLE PROCESSING (available below). It is a compilation of expert knowledge, practices and technologies developed from the production of fresh sausages.

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Volume 3 of the Meat Processors Journal will be available soon. Thanks for your interest and patience!

Download Volume 1 WHOLE MUSCLE PROCESSING, click here! or Volume 2 DRY AND SEMI-DRY SAUSAGE PRODUCTION, click here!

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