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Exclusive video: Poultry leaders talk about animal activists and business practices

By Rita Jane Gabbett on 11/26/2012

Just over a week ago the animal activist group Mercy for Animals released a video alleging abusive handling at a Butterball turkey farm as the group made its case for a vegetarian Thanksgiving.

While The Humane Society of the United States has focused this past year on the pork industry and its use of gestation crates, that group, too, is starting to make noise about poultry farm practices, including breeding for breast meat and slaughter techniques.

At the National Chicken Council meeting in Washington. D.C. in October, Meatingplace sat down with four poultry company leaders to talk about the growing intervention of animal activists groups into their business practices:


  • Pilgrim's Pride President and CEO Bill Lovette
  • Case Farms Vice Chairman and CFO Michael Popowycz
  • Fiedale Farms President Tom Hensely and 
  • O.K. Industries CEO Paul Fox




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